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Company Profile

G.B.A. Servizi, has been founded in 1998 as a company specialized in electrical installation field as well as in lighting engineering field.  During the years G.B.A. Servizi has extended its business into building renovation, that became company’s main core business.

Thanks to the collaboration of an experienced team of technicians and artisan, the company is able to guarantee high quality standards works in order to offer the best solution in any area of the building restructuring and housing renovation - from the design to the realization of the finished property - for private and commercial clients.  

HOME Magazine Apartment renovation in Milan

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The professionalism, experience and reliability of the staff are our first quality assurance.

What we offer Firstly: transparency. 

Clear and detailed estimate of costs about every phase of designing and realization and constant attention to client’s needs with solutions available for every type of Costumer, business or retail.

Single interlocutor from design to the delivery of the finished property.

Our services

. Consultancy and design;

·  Full renovation;

·  Building works;

·  Works with drywall;

·  Installation of electrical systems – Lighting installation;

·  Installation of plumbing systems;

·  Installation of air conditioning systems;

·  Installation of Alarm systems and video surveillance system;

·  Indoor and outdoor Paintwork, Painting work, Wall Papering;

·  Decorative painting;

·  Laying parquet and resin floors;

·  Release of Declaration of Conformity on new electrical system as well as for existing electrical system (following the verification of the electrical installation if the same complies with regulations in force).


HOME magazine Apartment renovation in Milan
HOME magazine Apartment renovation in Milan

Where we operate

We work in Milan city area and province but we can perform works elsewhere too.



Via dei Cignoli 1/A, Milano